Monday, December 29, 2008


I just had lunch at Olive Garden with Jodie and Conchita. The food was tasty and so delicious and the company was fabulous. While there we got into a conversation about the swarm that will be happening in a few weeks. Ooh! the time is ticking and I sure don't want to get a lickin so I better get going so I will have this swarm flowing! Did I say that? Mmm! look what you girls are in for. Think your going to be able to put up with me for 55 hours?

Jodie has informed me that she and Jeanne have great classes planned for us. I am so excited I can't wait. Just the thought of having so many hours to crop till we crash! To eat, drink, learn, win gifts and most all enjoy each others company. Wow! Who wouldn't want to do that.

Jodie has also informed me that she will have a picture of the layout kit she has prepared so hopefully I can get it posted for you all to see. Jodie does fine work. Thanks girl!

I too will try and get the card kits posted hopefully next week.

I have all the gifts ready and waiting. Remember you must be in attendance to recieve your gifts. They will be given out during the 3 days. You will never know when your name will be called.

Things to remember if your participating in the home cricut layout contest.

You must remember to have your cricut layout that you made from home put on the contest table right when you arrive. Please ask AK or Bonnie for a special ticket for you to win a special gift. This gift will be given to you after the announcement of the winner.

This ticket is seperate from the ticket you will recieve when you enter which will be for the grand prize on Sunday.

If you do not have it available right after you come in, you will not be eligible for that special ticket but you still will be eligible to enter the contest for first and second place winners.

I myself can't wait to see everyone's work.

Don't forget to call Scrapnstamp at 904/725/1253 to register there still is time. Because of the holiday, if you think you need an extention on paying for registration please speak to Jodie, she will be the only one who would be able to accommodate your request. Or you can email me A.K. at and I will take care of it for you.

See you girls soon! Chirp! chirp!

A.K. Chirp!

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