Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Well it sure was a long haul but was well worth it when you see many smiling faces all around you and hear all the compliments that were given to me through out the 3 days.

Yes the swarm for Jan has ended and I would like very much to say thanks to the wonderful group of ladies that was able to share it with me. They were so friendly, caring, happy, and most all so very helpful through out the weekend. What a wonderful group. We even got a name for our first swarm. This group is now called the Hot Mama's of Jax Swarm. Boy where they hot those 3 days getting all their projects finished and still having time to enter contest and doing classes. They sure were go getters.

I am sorry about the weight gain you girls all told me about. Some said they gained 2 lbs and some gained 5 lbs. One said she gained 10 lbs the dr said but no way did she do that in my three day watch. Sorry girl can't blame me on that one.

I would like to thank Jodie, Jeannie and Michelle from Scrapnstamp for giving such wonderful and interesting classes. They were a great success!
Michelle I especially want to thank you for your time as I know you were getting your husband ready for him to leave the state for a week. So tell John thanks for sharing you so the girls could learn more about the cricut.

There were many gifts given out with the sound of bells going off. I need to thank Wilma from the sign shop of Jacksonville for that. She suggested to me that I might be having to many bells and whistles but that is A.K. has to always have more than anyone could expect. I have had many friends who have tried to change me but sorry can't do it. A. K. is A. K. to old to change. But let me say this the bells were a huge hit for my swarm. Everyone had a blast.

Every time the ladies heard just a jingle of the sound of a bell going off they got so excited as they knew what was going to happen next. I would shake them quietly in the other room then you would hear the excitement and the girls screaming as they knew someone was going to receive a special gift. The bells like I said started off softly then i would shake them harder and louder and then I would start screaming we have a winner. We all laughed and had just a great time.

Our little Cricut Friend sure got a lot of attention. He was passed around and around amongst all the ladies. Sometimes Mercedes and Ching would steal it back quicker than the other ladies wanted them to but I think everyone got their share of gifts.
The information that was told to me, when my husband and buddy came in earlier to fix breakfast on Sunday for the ladies. The ladies that happen to be there, he gave them extra gifts and I think he told them not to tell me. They were all laughing. So they got a few that those other two girls didn't. They won't know that unless they read this. Ha!ha!

Then we had few contest and I want to congratulate all the winners. Your names will be posted soon.

I have lots more to say but sorry need to get back with you later. Have appt's. I will keep you posted and we are still trying to gather pictures.

Chirp chirp!

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